When I nearly scorched my face with an iron: Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a terrible but very common condition that becomes lost in our need to make the conversation about a woman’s journey from pregnancy to motherhood positive and sanguine.   Because of these rosy conversations women often assume having a baby will be nothing but joy and cuddles. It should come naturally…

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Confessions of an Introverted Liberal Muslim Feminist

[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”9/11 changed Western perceptions of Islam, America’s perception of terrorism, and my perception of myself. “] It should come as no surprise that extroverted personalities tend to be more socially successful. They have more friends, they laugh more often in social gatherings, and their voices, literal and metaphorical,…

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Depression is a beautiful thing

“I’ve often felt that Robin’s blinding speed and flash of wit was an effort at concealment rather than revealing,” said Robin Williams’ friend Eric Idle to The New York Times in 2009, an astute observation that foreshadowed the beloved comedian’s suicide in August of 2014. Williams numbed his pain through alcohol, drugs and the laughter of audiences. His death sheds light on an interesting facet of how we, as a society, understand both happiness and depression.

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