When reason is unreasonable and only seeing is believing

Some of the first stories I ever loved were ones from the Qur’an and hadith. They filled the colorful pages of picture books my mother kept on a high shelf right next to the shelf where we stored the more stately hardbound, gold-trimmed volumes of the Qur’an. These stories are…

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The Ramadan of My Discontent

How To Ramadan:  Strategize a game plan to rack up the spiritual highs. Break it up in three ten-day segments.  First find mercy. Abstain from food and drink for 17 hours. Make your prayers – and on time.  Next, seek forgiveness. Think about where you will be making Taraweeh prayers….

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EIC Asma Uddin at Muslim American Fashion Panel

A co-production of The Greene Space’s Muslim/American series and University of the Arts London’s Faith & Fashion series, Muslim/American: Fashion  featured a distinguished set of panelists discussing the creativity and controversies that characterize Muslim fashion in America today. Moderated by Artscom Centenary Professor of Cultural Studies Reina Lewis, the panel consisted of Founder…

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