Afghanistan’s taboo

Farid was diagnosed with impotency within the first few months of his marriage. In other households, the issue would be hushed up and the woman would often be blamed for this state of affairs, allowing the man to hastily divorce or take another wife. Not so with Farid. He chose to tackle the issue head-on.

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Honoring Aasiya

Though much has been said about the horrific killing of Aasiya Hassan, we should continue to honor her by reviving our memories of her brutal death and calling ourselves to action again. After all, presenting an alternative to the merchants of fear and hate who dehumanize others was her mission.

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Does a bullet kill less than a blade?

Aasiya was killed in the very space where she tried to promote a broader understanding of Islam. Like many other domestic violence victims who endure years of abuse before deciding to leave their partner, she may have been held back by her abusers’ threats, isolation, and fear of stigma

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