Muslim Microlessons are regular spiritual nuggets by Omer Mozaffar, who has received Islamic studies training both through traditional and academic sources, and has addressed theological, personal, social matters for college students of all sectarian outlooks.  We know that actions are judged by intentions. We often, however, confuse intentions with yearnings….

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From Darkness into Light: God, the Protecting Friend

A letter to my daughter. I often feel lonely. Being surrounded by supportive family and friends is wonderful, but after losing your dad Amr, there has been a loneliness in my heart that I’ve had a hard time filling. Amr listened to me talk for as long as I needed…

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On the feminine attributes of Allah

“Say: She is Allah, She is One, She is Eternal She begets not nor is She begotten And there is none equal unto Her.” -The Holy Quran: Surah Ikhlas (Absoluteness), 112   The above verse defines the Omnipotence of God in Islam. Emphasizing, as per its title the concept of…

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