Making 50 Calls to Prayer in 50 States

I am greeted with an exuberant “Salaams” from Jameel Syed, a Detroit-based marketing executive and muaddhin (the person designated in a masjid to recite the call to prayer). He and his campaign manager, Yahya Sultan, are traveling across the United States visiting 50 mosques in 50 states so Jameel can…

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Muslim-Muslim Engagement

Response to “The MLI Controversy: We Are Family”

I am writing this in response to  Adam Sitte’s The MLI Controversy: We Are Family!, a recent article published at altMuslimah. Sitte writes “This episode is a data point in a growing trend within the Muslim community — the suppression of dissident voices by an increasingly belligerent social media hegemon.”…

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The MLI Controversy: We are family!

After its recent retreat in Jerusalem, the Muslim Leadership Initiative (MLI), an interfaith collaboration sponsored by the Shalom Hartman Institute, became the subject of an intense conversation within the American Muslim community. Several MLI participants publicly shared their experiences on the trip, and subsequently, critiques were raised against their participation….

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