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Pokémon Go asks the world to ‘catch ’em all’

It’s been a little less than three weeks since Pokémon Go took over the world. Within days of its U.S. release the app garnered 7.5 million downloads making $1.6 million in daily revenue. Although reviews have been mixed, the game has been praised for its ability to help those with…

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Is it a Muslim’s duty to enforce Islamic law?

In the last two years, anti-Muslim activists have produced dozens of “anti-Shariah” bills in nearly half of America’s states. This is supposedly being done to protect American law and shield the country from the onslaught of “Islamization.” Even though American Muslims have just about zero interest in changing the legal system, a vociferous right-wing fringe insists that Muslims are concealing their true intentions, and that their faith demands that they establish Islam as the law of the land.

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