Aisa halal cosmetics: cruelty free and fabulous

altM recently talked with Azrin Isa, the founder of a fabulous halal cosmetics line, Aisa Cosmetics. Check out her story below! 1. What is Aisa Cosmetics and how is it unique among other cosmetic brands? Aisa Cosmetics is a halal cosmetic line. We pride ourselves on using only high-quality natural…

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CoverGirl welcomes Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia

Last Wednesday CoverGirl announced another fresh face to their new lineup: Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia. The announcement of her addition came shortly after Covergirl announced makeup artist James Charles as its first male spokesmodel. Both announcements have fans of the beauty brand praising the huge win for diversity. The YouTube star told Glamour that…

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The Halal Beauty Box! An interview

altM spoke with Halal Beauty Box Founder, Jaquelyn Wahidi, about this very cool, very relevant product for Muslim and eco-conscious fashionistas alike: 1.       Tell us the story behind Halal Beauty Box – what inspired the idea and what are you trying to do with this new product? While there is a…

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