Black in the Muslim Students Association

In 2010, I was a fresh faced first-year Muslim student at Virginia Commonwealth University. I began my time at VCU with a sanguine outlook and an eagerness to bond with my fellow Muslim students, but the four years that followed would turn out to be the worst of my short…

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Dear Salma- I want to marry our MSA President

Dear Salma, I am currently a second-year college student. I used to say, “Oh, I probably won’t get married until I’m like 30,” because I assumed I likely wouldn’t find someone who I would fall head over heels for. This refrain changed when I joined the Muslim Student Association at…

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2015 Marks Leaving Behind a Special Man: The Wallah Bro

Muslim girls took over 2014 with landmark moments, appearing on television commercials, news panels, and one even receiving a Nobel Peace Prize. Also relevant to Muslim girls, 2014 unleashed a character classified as the “Wallah Bro.”  Though this wasn’t the year that conceived the actual Wallah Bro himself, it was…

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