American-Muslims on Black Lives Matter and anti-racism initiatives

American Muslims on #BlackLivesMatter and anti-racism activism The past couple of weeks have been fraught with unjustified shootings of Black individuals. We even saw the terrifying killings of 5 police offers in Dallas. #BlackLivesMatter has been trending for days now. Many influential Muslims activists have used this news presence to…

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Anchored by Faith, I Rise

I came to Islam in 1993, influenced by  social consciousness in Hip Hop.  Artists like Rakim, Sista Souljah, and Public Enemy, all of whom who were popularizing Islam, nudged me closer to the faith through their lyrics.  I watched Spike Lee’s Malcolm X (1992) one year before my conversion, and soon after…

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Margari Hill

My writing and activism come out of my experience as a Black American Muslim woman   Who are you? My name is Margari Hill and many of my Muslim friends where I grew up in California know me by Aziza, the Arabic name I chose for myself. I became Muslim over 20…

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