Congrats, you have an all-male panel!

In the vein of satirical blogs like The Hawkeye Initiative (which tackles the male gaze in the depiction of female characters in comics) and S**tPeopleSaytoWomenDirectors (which shows sexism in the film industry) is the awesome Tumblr allmalepanels that documents the widespread gender gap in speaking engagements and publications. The blog began in March 2015 to document…

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Princeton & altM’s Panel on Literary Arts, Spirituality, and Representation

Princeton Muslim Life & altMuslimah celebrate International Women’s Day Introductions Imam Sohaib Sultan, Muslim Chaplain at Princeton University, Princeton Muslim Life Program Asma Uddin, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Literary Arts, Spirituality, & Representation Nafees Syed, Recent Yale Law School graduate, writer, and essayist for I Speak For Myself:…

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