2014 Roundup: What Rocked Muslim America’s Boat in 2014

First, what didn’t make the list. A recent CIA torture report revealed unconscionable and largely ineffective brutality toward prisoners in Gitmo – rectal feeding, waterboarding – that hardly came as a shock to Muslims. Nor were we shocked by The Intercept’s July investigation into FBI and NSA surveillance of Muslim…

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Speakers for the Dead #PrayForPeshawar

The book that Ender wrote was not long…And he signed it, not with his name, but with a title: SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD Most who read it found it interesting; some who read it refused to set it aside. They began to live by it as best they could, and…

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Psychiatric help for Peshawar survivors and families

Please see this important note from Asher, CEO of Naya Jeevan: Dear Colleagues and Supporters of the Naya Jeevan mental health action plan for for the survivors/families of the Peshawar attack: – we’ve been overwhelmed by your show of support and have received over 100 requests to volunteer/provide mental health services…

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