AJ: Muslim women breaking stereotypes

On a daily basis, countless stereotypes about Muslim women are circulated on and offline. Richard Dawkins, the famous evolutionary biologist and prominent atheist, recently tweeted: “Islam needs a feminist revolution. It will be hard. What can we do to help?” Angered by Dawkins’ comments, many Muslim women responded. However, Dawkins’ comment is,…

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Why I care about the elections in Egypt

Thirteen years ago, I married a tall, handsome, shambling, funny, religious Egyptian man. Since then, this ancient land of pharaohs and pyramids has never been far from my thoughts. I’ve visited the country twice. Most of my husband’s family still lives there. We are far away from the turmoil here in the United States, but we’re only one Skype call away from his brother, his cousins, his uncles and aunts, his nieces and nephews.

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