taz ahmed

Episode 15: The Good and the Bad

In episode 15, two podcast worlds collide. #GoodMuslimBadMuslim hosts Taz Ahmed and Zahra Noorbakhsh discuss podcasting while Muslim, Iranian, Bengali, American, feminist, comedian, artist, activist…(you get the point). We talk about what it’s like to walk the fine line between what it means to be a good and bad Muslim — and…

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Weekly roundup of altM news: Oct. 24

With all the stories on the Internet it can be difficult to always stay in the know. To help, we’ve searched the web for interesting pieces of news, videos and tips to help you start off your week on the right foot. 1. I learned Arabic As An Adult To…

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My So-Called Bad Muslims

[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”An Interview with Zahra Noorbakhsh and Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed”] My parents say you’re a bad influence. I heard ‘em talking about the things you do. Why do you do them?” “I don’t know. See, okay, when I look at myself, I see everything in, like, slow motion, and…

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