The positives and pitfalls of online dating

Throughout the Middle East and North Africa region, Christian and Muslim communities have historically discouraged dating. Religious values and cultural pressure both demand that men and women do not spend time together until they are ready to get engaged, usually to a partner who they don’t know very well. Of…

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Are too many choices leading to an unsatisfying life?

  “I’ll have a tall, half soy, half 2%, no foam, with one pump please.” Have you heard (or ordered) something similar at your local coffee shop? Will that “perfect” order – so detailed because we are given so many choices – make every sip all the more satisfying or…

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An analog girl in a digital world

Two weeks ago, I quit. Cold turkey.   I am not a smoker or a drinker. I don’t use drugs and will cut myself off from caffeine if I feel myself becoming too dependent on it. That’s the point really: I don’t do addiction because I don’t like losing control….

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