Secret Life of Muslims: Debbie Almontaser

altM editor, Asma Uddin, is a producer of Secret Life of Muslims, a first-person series that uses humor and empathy to tell the stories of diverse American Muslims. The series creator is Joshua Seftel.  Photo Credit

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Lean on Us: The First Umrah for Families with Special Needs Members

altMuslimah’s Zehra Rizavi recently interviewed Joohi Tahir, the Executive Director of the non-profit MUHSEN, an organization founded by Shaykh Omar Suleiman that advocates for families and individuals in Muslim American communities with special needs members. A few weeks ago, MUHSEN launched an endeavor never before undertaken by any other Muslim…

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Back to the motherland: From Jersey to Pakistan

There are days when I wish I never stepped foot into Pakistan. The leers from strange men older than my grandfather and the constant electricity shortages in above 100 degree weather can compel anyone to consider fleeing the country. And yet, I can’t help but love it. I was born…

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