Online Dating – The Real Deal

Rushing into a physical relationship before establishing social commitment is harmful on a personal and societal level.  A sad reality is that the online dating industry is built on this shadiness for purely economic reasons.  A sadder reality is that well-intentioned people are sucked into it.  It’s a downward spiral…

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“Keepin’ It real” with young people

Today, making and keeping connections with American Muslim youth sits at the top of the priority list for Muslim communities across the United States. We are witnessing an increase in the rise of youth groups, organized youth associations, and Islamic classes geared specifically towards youth. Facilities are becoming widespread, but the real preparation lies not within room availability but in didactics; how can parents, teachers, and leaders communicate Islam to an entirely new species – Muslim youth of the 21st Century – while being “down” and “straight” with all that is “street?”

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