News Briefs for the Week of January 3, 2011

This week, halal beauty products make a splash in the Gulf, a mosque in Berlin is the target of an arson attack, and Afghan women are given an anonymous platform to speak from.
The Khaleej Times profiled Canadian Muslim Layla Mandi, CEO and founder of the first halal beauty product line OnePure. OnePure offers anti-aging products, essential skincare and whiteners. OnePure cosmetics are available in the Gulf, on Egypt and Saudi Arabian Airlines, in Canada and online. Mandi plans on having the products available in Pakistan and Kuwait by the end of 2011.

The Home Daily News reported that a mosque in Berlin was the victim of an arson attack. People noticed burning coals in the entrance of the mosque early Saturday morning and some attempted to extinguish the fire on their own. Authorities arrived soon after and fully extinguished the small blaze with a fire extinguisher. There was a mysterious message left at the sight of the arson attack that authorities have not yet released.

The Huffington Post reports that an Afghan television show, called Niqab or “The Mask” is allowing for Afghan women to speak out anonymously against the widespread abuse that they face. All women who appear on the show cover their faces in blue and white masks, protecting the guests from potential backlash.

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