The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Playbook: Muslim reactions to news of FGM

Last month, prosecutors brought charges against two Bohra physicians in Michigan for allegedly performing female genital mutilation on several young girls. Read more about the story here. altM’s, Samar Kaukab, shares her thoughts: Here is a well-known aphorism: It is hard to see that which is invisible. Take oxygen. It…

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An Open Mosque for an Open America

The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) recently released “Muslims at the Crossroads,” the report on its 2017 American Muslim Poll. Many of us have found ourselves increasingly worried about sending our children to school, wearing hijab in public, travelling across borders, and generally, being Muslim in America since…

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Trivializing consent and minimizing slavery within American academia

As a scholar, activist, and Muslim woman, I find it necessary to critique Jonathan Brown’s recent statements regarding sexual consent and the institution of slavery. On February 7th, 2017, Brown delivered a lecture at the International Institute for Islamic Thought entitled “Islam and the Problem of Slavery.” While the lecture…

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