‘A long time coming’: These Muslims are bringing sex abuse by sheikhs out of the shadows

For Sidrah Ahmad-Chan, the moment felt surreal. Listening to a Muslim psychologist speaking about patterns of abuse while on stage at the American Islamic College on Saturday (Jan. 11), she pulled up Twitter. “First panel discussion and I am already reeling,” typed Ahmad-Chan, a Toronto-based researcher studying gender-based violence and…

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Inauthentic Dialogue: Hamza Yusuf, the US Department of State, and Habermasian Communicative Action Theory

Hamza Yusuf has once again stirred-up controversy via his choice of political affiliations.  According to an article that appeared in The Guardian on July 8th, the founder of Zaytuna College will be joining a commission at the behest of the Trump Administration that intends on reviewing the role of human rights in…

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