Non-Muslim Biographies of the Prophet Strengthened My Faith

I was distrustful of people who are not Muslim writing biographers of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): How can someone understand the messenger without believing in the message? Or the unseen and the miracles? Is not mocking and defaming Muhammad a usual trope of Christian polemicists since the early days of Islam?…

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An Accidental Activist (an excerpt from Our Muslim Neighbors)

Arriving in 1970, Victor (Ghalib) Beggsuccessfully built a chain of thriving furniture stores. Using his entrepreneurial skills, he co-founded an ethnically diverse mosque and influential community organizations in Metro-Detroit. Along the way, he discovered that America’s greatest promise lies in building healthy communities with our neighbors.The American Dream is alive and…

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Hustle and faith

A friend and I are sitting around a table playing a board game as we’ve done many times in the past, a few hours stolen to drink, chat and bond. Except something feels off. The lulls in conversation grow longer and longer, and not because either one of us is…

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