Author Rifk Ebeid on writing a children’s story of pride and resistance

altM editor, Asma Uddin, had a chance to speak with author Rifk Ebeid about her new book, Baba, What Does My Name Mean? You can connect with Rifk at and on Facebook and Instagram @BabaWhatDoesMyNameMean. Rifk, it was an absolute pleasure to read the book. I felt like it was…

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An Accidental Activist (an excerpt from Our Muslim Neighbors)

Arriving in 1970, Victor (Ghalib) Beggsuccessfully built a chain of thriving furniture stores. Using his entrepreneurial skills, he co-founded an ethnically diverse mosque and influential community organizations in Metro-Detroit. Along the way, he discovered that America’s greatest promise lies in building healthy communities with our neighbors.The American Dream is alive and…

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