Derek Brown Photography

Altmuslimah’s photographic campaign featured select photos from Derek Brown’s exhibit, Iran 2008: Faces and Places from Inside Iran.

About Altmuslimah’s Photographic Campaign:

The purpose of Altmuslimah’s visual campaign is to present Muslim men and women multi-dimensionally, figuratively speaking. The collection highlights the literary contributions of empowered Muslim American women; telling portraits of tenacious Muslim females, young and old; warm, loving Muslim men; the purity of spiritual devotion; and the dynamics of positive gender interaction in Islam.

Altmuslimah would also like to help spread the message by offering the embed link to other sites interested in featuring our photos. If you are a blogger or run a web magazine or other website, and are interested in supporting this mission to change the dominant image of Muslim men and women, please contact us at asma.uddin(at)
Derek Brown is a New York-based travel photographer whose work from over thirty countries has been published in newspapers, magazines, textbooks and guidebooks all over the world.

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