Fashion Week: Malaysia

Showcasing the style and elegance of Muslim modesty.

Fatima Bahloul, Associate Editor of Altmuslimah, writes:

Of the many words commonly associated with Muslims in the media, “fashion” is certainly not one of them. Yet every year in Malaysia’s booming capital, Kuala Lumpur, some of the world’s most popular Muslim designers team with models to showcase their latest fashions. The 2007 Muslim Fashion Festival at the Malaysian International Fashion Week 2007 was no exception. Highlighting the grace, style, and beauty of modest Muslim wear, the festival brought together a diverse panel of fashion designers committed to the art of fashionable, religious self-expression. Pioneers in the world of Muslim fashion, some of the many designers present at the festival were Sohail Abbasi, Feny Mustafa, and Rukhsana Marian. On display were their creative interpretations of both women and men’s fashions fit to meet the needs of the time and express the essence of their religious beliefs. Vibrant, radiant, and stunning, the fashions captured an undiscovered side of Muslim life: style. Contrary to the monotonous displays of religious attire found in popular media, these models revealed the intricate blends of cultural and spiritual style found throughout the Muslim world. On this stage, neither form nor function was missing. Instead, the designers and models created a skillful fusion of beauty and purpose natural to the rich traditions of Islamic art and design.

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