Altmuslimah at The Buxton Initiative

On May 11, 2010, Altmuslimah’s Asma Uddin led a roundtable at The Buxton Initiative on Gender and Modesty, joined by Eleanor Barkhorn of The Atlantic.
Gender and Modesty: A Roundtable Discussion for Young Professionals

Tuesday, May 11th


Lunch will be served.

How are different faith communities in America creating conversation about issues such as sexuality, modesty, and gender? Please join us to discuss this important question.

Featured Speakers:

Asma Uddin is founder and Editor-in-Chief of, a website that provides a space for compelling comment on gender in Islam from both the male and female, Muslim and non-Muslim, perspectives.

Eleanor Barkhorn is editor of The Atlantic Culture Channel, a website that focuses on anything and everything related to pop culture. As a practicing Christian, Eleanor’s faith informs the way she approaches issues of sexuality, modesty and gender.

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