Altmuslimah Internship Opportunities is looking for motivated, dedicated interns to join their team of editors. Currently, there are three open positions: Business Development Intern, Technical Support Intern, and Productions Intern. Please read on to find out more about our online magazine and the positions.
The folks at Altmuslimah are firm believers in the power of narratives to stimulate dialogue, reflection and even positive change. To this end, Altmuslimah’s team works to uncover the stories of a wide cross-section of men and women in the community, hoping that the gender issues that affect both men and women will come into sharper focus.
Some issues that Altmuslimah has recently tackled include:

• Why American Muslim women are taking off their headscarves
• Whether Muslim women should be allowed to marry outside of their faith
• Sex education within the American Muslim Community


As an intern, you will have the opportunity to:

• Develop content, including writing articles, conducting interviews and developing multimedia projects
• Initiate new projects and find a niche for yourself at Altmuslimah
• Play a prominent role in Altmuslimah live events such a art auctions, book clubs and poetry reading
• Attend public events on behalf of Altmuslimah

If you are interested in joining the Altmuslimah team in any of the following capacities, please email Asma Uddin, Altmuslimah Editor-in-Chief, at asma.uddin(at) Email subject should read “INTERNSHIPS”. Please include the position that you are applying for, a cover letter, and a resume in the body of the email (attachments will not be read).

Internship Opportunities:

Business Development Internship
Altmuslimah is looking for a business development intern to join their team. Key responsibilities include developing a mailing list for the Altmuslimah newsletter, identifying and interfacing with potential advertisers, and negotiating content-sharing and ad-sharing agreements with popular sites.

Qualifications: BA, preferably some grad school. Strong writing and oral skills, self-starter, attention to detail, preferably some experience in marketing.

Hourly Requirements: 2 hours per week

Technical Support Internship
Altmuslimah is looking for a technical support intern with experience in graphic design to join their team. This individual will be tasked with developing the technical capacities of the Altmuslimah website, creating icons as needed and managing web-based events.

Qualifications: BA, preferably some grad school. Proficiency in website management and development, as well as some experience in graphic design.

Hourly Requirements: 1-3 hours per week

Productions Internship
Altmuslimah is looking for a productions intern to oversee the format of articles as well as find and format images for the articles.

Qualifications: BA, preferably some grad school. Attention to detail, proficiency in online formatting of articles and imaging, some experience in graphic design.

Hourly Requirements: 4 hours per week

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