News Briefs: Week of July 24, 2010

This week, Saudi clerics seek more Muslim maids and say its okay for women to uncover their faces in the presence of burqa bans. Two French women in burqinis were refused entry into a pool, and two Muslim women in England are not allowed onto a public bus.
The Los Angeles Times reported that a Saudi Cleric has called for Muslim-only maids in Saudi homes. The cleric is reportedly concerned with the growing number of non-Muslim maids moving to the kingdom. The cleric, Sheikh Yousuf Ahmad, also stressed that if from another country, the Muslim maids should be accompanied by a male guardian.

USA Today reports that another Saudi cleric has ruled that Muslim women may take off their face veils in countries where the burqa has been banned.

The French Tribune has reported that two French women in burqinis were asked to leave a swimming pool after being told that their attire did not meet pool guidelines. One of the women’s husbands threatened a lifeguard after the women were prohibited from swimming. Both women and their husbands eventually left the pool after police were called to the scene.

The BBC reports that two Muslim women were refused a bus ride in London because one of the women was wearing a face veil. The driver told the women that they were a threat to passengers and ordered the women off of the bus.

Rabea Chaudhry is an Associate Editor with Altmuslimah.

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