News Briefs: Week of September 13, 2010

This week, protesters stop women from praying inside a mosque, a woman threatens France with an attack as the country grows increasingly weary, a 14-year-old girl plunges to her death in Makkah, and Canada institutes new travel rules requiring women to show their faces at airport security check points.
This week, the Express News Service reports that a group of protestors stopped women from praying inside the Noor Masjid in India’s Hampanakatta. There were 11 women attending Friday prayer in the mosque when the objections began and the women were forced out of the place of worship.

According to The Metro, a woman threatened a suicide bomb attack against France in response to the country’s burqa ban. French authorities are using stop-and-search tactics at all major transport hubs in search of the woman.

Newsweek also reports that France is growing increasingly weary that it may be the next target of a terrorist attack. Citing France’s role in the war against Afghanistan and the burqa ban, France’s domestic intelligence boss Bernard Squarcini stated that an attack is highly likely.

The Arab News reports that a 14-year-old girl plunged to her death from a Makkah hotel after being raped in the Muslim holy city. The girl was in Makkah to make Umrah with her stepfather from France. An Arab national has been arrested in connection with the crimes. reports that Canada has instituted new security measures mandating that all women in face veils must show their faces at the boarding gates to ensure that their faces match their photo IDs.

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