News Briefs: Week of October 4, 2010

This week, Turkey rolls back its university headscarf ban, Vela Scarves founder and designer Marwa Atik is profiled, a short film festival on Muslim women is announced, a teenager faces bullying for being Muslim and a young Arab-American discovers he’s being tracked by the FBI.
This week, The Wall Street Journal reports that Turkey has begun rolling back its scarf ban. The professors at Istanbul University have been stopped from kicking students out of their classes for wearing the headscarf.

The LA Times profiled Vela Scarves founder and Orange County resident Marwa Atik. Atik’s scarves bring high fashion to Muslim women’s headscarves, using colors and styles currently in style.

Author Qanta Ahmed wrote on the Huffington Post that New York-based charity Women’s Voices Now is accepting short film submissions for an upcoming film festival. The goal of the festival is to experience the Muslim world through the eyes of the women who inhabit Muslim countries the world over.

Salon reported on the torment inflicted on a Muslim Staten Island teen who was allegedly terrorized by classmates last year when he was in eighth grade. The bullies first called him gay and then began calling him a Muslim terrorist and regularly assaulted him. The teens responsible for the violence are being charged with assault and aggravated harassment.

Wired reported that a California student got a visit from the FBI after finding a GPS tracking device on his car and his friend posted pictures of the device online. The young Arab-American student was being tracked by the FBI and, according to Wired, the FBI has demanded that he return the tracking device.

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