News Briefs for the Week of November 22, 2010

This week, female-only pool time continues to be debated, Muslim women athletes at the Asian Games are celebrated, Pope Benedict criticizes the French niqab ban and an Australian Muslim woman competes for a kickboxing title.
Fox News highlighted the on-going discussion surrounding George Washington University’s decision to accommodate a request by the college’s Muslim Student Association by offering a female-only swim hour with a female life guard once a week. Recently, the university’s decision has raised a great deal of debate, particularly after an article discusses the decision in the school’s student paper, The GW Hatchet.

The Jakarta Globe highlighted the presence of Muslim women at this year’s Asian Games, the Asiad, held in Guanghzou, China. Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates were named as Muslim countries who had sent female athletes to the games, some wearing the full headcovering as they competed.

The AFP reported that Pope Benedict criticized the French niqab ban. The Pope stated that there is no need to ban a woman’s wearing the face veil as long as she is doing so voluntarily.

The Parammatta Advertiser reports that Australian Carol Earl, a 34-year-old Muslim mother of three, had her first chance at a kickboxing title on November 14. Earl has a 7-3 record and chooses to fight in a headscarf and full body suit.

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