Upcoming: AltMuslimah at ISNA!

Join AltMuslimah Editor-in-Chief Asma Uddin at ISNA!
Muslim Professionals Unplugged:
Conversations that Matter to Generation X and Y

Sunday, July 3, 2011
2:15-3:45 PM Session 14I Room 33

Description: Gen X and Gen Y form the backbone of our community and represent the largest portion of our population. Yet, there are very few mosques and Muslim institutions that are showing signs of transitioning to the concerns of these generations. This panel discussion coordinated by CAMP (Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals) features a group of young Muslim professionals and entrepreneurs tackling the serious issues of nurturing spirituality, gender relations, work and life balance, and identity development and integration.

Aamer Hayat
Aizzah Fatima
Asma Uddin

Zeba Iqbal

Check out the full panel schedule here: http://camp-online.org/dinner/panels.html

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