Why me, Allah?

Imam Khalid Latif and Haroon Moghul ask, “Why Me, Allah?”

Imam Khalid Latif and Haroon Moghul tackle a question that many of us ask ourselves at one point of our lives, even if only for one second: “Why Me, Allah?” At the end, Faraz Siddiqi and Hanzila Hussain sing two nasheeds that relate to the question. The event happened on 12/02/11 at the University of Houston with the help of UHMSA and Risala Foundation.

Haroon Moghul writes, “Imam Khalid Latif and I spoke at the University of Houston MSA and Risala Foundation last week on the topic of “Why me, Allah.” Khalid spoke powerfully, eloquently, and deeply on individual suffering, especially faced by women in our communities, their trials, and our need to present compassion in place of judgment. I spoke on the topic of “Why us, Allah?” I touched on my own journey away from and back to Islam, how I predicted the Arab Spring (in a creepy way), and shared Allama Iqbal’s Shikwa with the audience.

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