DIY Kaaba Box of Knowledge

Since my daughter goes to public school here in Canada, she relies on me to teach her about Islam. I have to be honest here (as always) teaching her anything can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to teaching her about Islam, for I’m still learning about this beautiful religion myself. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea for us to make this ‘Kaaba Box of Knowledge.’

This ‘Kaaba Box of Knowledge’ is a creative way to teach your children about Islam and it’s simple to make! In the box, you can put ANYTHING that is related to Islam. Here are some examples:

– The 99 Names of Allah: you can cut up pieces of paper with each strip containing a name of Allah with the meaning on the back. Each day, your child can pull out one name from the box and memorize the name and the meaning.

– Facts about Hajj and Ummrah: cut up squares of paper and write a fact about Hajj and Ummrah. This is a great way to learn about the significance of these events.

– Names of the Prophets (May peace be upon them): Each piece of paper should have the name of one Prophet and on the back a brief summary of the Prophet’s life. You can also have your child pick out one name from the box, and then the both of you read the entire story of that Prophet’s life. This can be done on a daily or weekly basis.

– Facts about Mosques: Put the names of the Mosques in this box and write down where the Mosques are located on the back of the paper. Next, go on the computer and search for the image of the Mosque with your child. This is a fun way to learn where the Mosques are located in the world

– The arabic letters: have your child pick out one arabic letter from the box and sound out that letter together!

– All of the above or anything else Islam related: It would be fun to combine all of the above together, and each day pull out one piece of paper and learn about the topic on that paper; after all, surprises are fun! You can also put in facts about the Kaaba itself, facts about Mecca and Madina, the names of the Islamic months, Islamic activities, etc.

Here’s what we used to make our ‘Kaaba Box of Knowledge’

Any type of box you have on hand - I used a tea bag box. A pair of scissors, glue or tape, black coloured paper, and gold tape.

Simply cover the box in the black coloured paper of your choice and wrap some gold tape around the top of the box to make it appear like the Kaaba.


Craft Details:
– Age group: school aged children that are able to cut and glue or tape
– Duration: up to half an hour depending on your child
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  • Sakinah says:

    What a great idea and a fun way to get kids interested in learning! As a convert I’m also look for ways to engage and teach my daughter. This is wonderful. I especially love the ideas you provided for things to put in the box, and how to use those as a starting point to further discussion!! JazakAllah khair!

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