AltMuslimah’s #StopAbuse Tweet Round Up

Abuse is a shame filled subject in our communities that no one wants to address or even admit too. Many people continue to bear the pain in silence and in shame.

In early January, Orbala (@qrratugai), AltMuslimah’s Sabina Khan-Ibarra and Asma T. Uddin (@altmuslimah), and Coming of Faith’s Laila Alawa (@comingoffaith) decided that a Twitter conversation about abuse was pertinent. After much planning and organizing, the #StopAbuse chat was scheduled for Tuesday, January 20, 2015 11:00 AM PDT/2:00 PM EST.


The conversation kicked off with AltMuslimah welcoming followers and introducing the co-moderators:


Orbala asked the first question:  


The answers were eye opening:


Coming of Faith asked the next question:  


AltMuslimah asked a difficult question:


Orbala asked about reporting abuse:  


Coming of Faith asked about how we can move forward:


The role of religious leaders?


The uncomfortable tweets:


We asked what communities can do to support survivors of abuse:


And we concluded the conversation:   


You can follow the conversation, which is still going at and use the Hashtag #StopAbuse


Sabina Khan-Ibarra is an assistant editor at AltMuslimah.

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