10 Kid-Friendly Recipes!

Have you ever searched for a recipe on Pinterest, only to find that it tasted awful? If the answer is yes, you are not alone! Last year, I attempted to make banana pancakes, a recipe I had pinned…what a disaster! Not only did the banana pancakes fall apart in the pan, but they tasted raw and burnt at the same time. I’m that type of mom that is always looking for fast, easy, and healthy recipes for my children, but after making these bananas pancakes, I was a bit discouraged to try another pinned recipe.

Therefore, instead of turning to Pinterest this time, I have turned to some of my blogger friends in hopes of finding kid friendly recipes- the best part is that all of these recipes have been made by my friends and have the approval of their children!


Overnight Oats from Modest Munchies


The Mug Pudding from Drop Of Inkling


Happy Happy Breakfast from Words And Needles



Homemade Cheddar Crackers from Little Life Of Mine


Fresh Vegan (Gluten Free) Banana Bread from The Go Mamas



Crustless Pizza Using A Secret Ingredient from Honey and Dates


Cheesy Broccoli Bites from Scribbles By JFZ


Baked Bang Bang Chicken from The Nomad Mommy


Lentil Chicken Pops from My Culinary Adventures



Easy Molten Lava Cake from Simply In Control


Okay, so I know this dessert recipe isn’t healthy, BUT it is easy to make and makes for a yummy treat for every now and then!

A huge THANK YOU to all my friends who shared their links with me for this blog post, please visit each website to view the ingredients and instructions!


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