Geller Offends Muslims; Muslims Defend Geller

A cartoon contest to draw the Prophet (s), held in Garland TX, has become national news after a shooting outside of the venue. Although the intentions behind the cartoon contest are questionable (at best) and otherwise, downright disrespectful, Muslims have largely defended the right for the organizer, Pamela Geller, to exercise free speech.


The irony is that Pamela Geller’s close ally Geert Wilders (who spoke at the contest) is vocally against free speech. In his home country of Holland, Wilders is well known for being an Islamophobe and for trying to ban the Qur’an in Holland.


Seriously- a contest was held to draw the Prophet because Pam Geller believes Muslims are trying to silence free speech? And yet Muslims are the ones defending her right to free speech while she invites Geert Wilders, a man vocally against banning the Qur’an? Irony at its finest.


Read more about this irony over at the Washington Post:

A mass shooting tragedy may have been averted late on Sunday, when two gunmen were killed in Garland, Tex., outside an exhibition for drawings of the prophet Muhammad. The two men apparently had hoped to kill attendees, but after they shot an unarmed security guard, police officers returned fire.

In an e-mail to The Washington Post, Pamela Geller, an anti-Islam activist who organized the event, blamed “Islamic jihadis” who were “determined to suppress our freedom of speech violently.” That sentiment was echoed on Twitter by another high-profile, if seemingly out-of-place, guest: the Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

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