Mipsterz on CNN

“Wait, they hate us ’cause we’re Muslims? I thought they hated us ’cause we’re hipsters!”

CNN interviewed Mipsterz Abbas Rattani, co-founder of Mipsterz, and Laila Shaikley, art director of the video Somewhere in Americaon who and what the Mipsterz are.

Video: CNN

Two years ago, Mipsterz exploded onto the scene when the video became the focus of intense debate on the Muslim internet. altMuslimah interviewed the producers about the reaction the video elicited.

altM also featured several articles commenting on the video and participating in the debate. Wardah Khalid and Laila Alawa wrote about the under representation of Muslim women and the need for spaces. altM editor Nadia Mohammad reminded us that there isn’t a single narrative that represents an “authentic Muslim woman” and not to strip Muslim women of their agency. Brendan Behrmann drew a distinction between Westernization and Westoxification.

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