24 creative ways to jazz up your Eid party

Ramadan is almost over and while the month is an important period of fasting, spiritual reflection and gratefulness, its ending signifies another wonderful occasion – Eid! A time to gather with family and friends to mark the conclusion of fasting, Eid is traditionally celebrated by wearing new clothes, exchanging gifts with loved ones and indulging in delicious foods. Such a special event requires a few extra touches to get everyone in the festive spirit.

This year, take your celebrations to the next level and style your Eid party with these creative twists. Your guests will surely be talking about your party for weeks to come!



1. Eid Party Invitation: Get your guests in the festive spirit with these gorgeous summery invitations. Best of all they’re free! (via Sakina Designs)


2. Happy Eid Banner: Add a classy touch to your party with a mod Happy Eid golden banner in stylish calligraphy. Hang it near the front entrance or above your dining table for everyone to see. (via Modern Eid)


3. DIY Banner: Are you a crafty person? Get the kids involved and create your own Eid Mubarak banner with black construction paper, gold foil and some string. A great activity for the kids that results in pretty decor. (via The Alif2Yaa of Motherhood)


4. Mini Paper Lanterns: These mint and gold lanterns are super chic with their intricate geometric pattern and cute triangular shape. String them above your front door or hang from a ceiling, they’ll be sure to make an impression on your guests. (via In My Studio)

Mini Eid Balloons

5. Gold Foil Eid Balloons: An Eid party wouldn’t be complete without some Eid balloons! Grab some gold foil letter balloons and pair them up with oversized balloons and tassels for added oomph. (via Modern Eid)


6. Paper Pinwheels: A hot party item, pinwheels make the perfect wall decor and instantly create a festive mood. Use them to brighten up a bare wall or as a photo booth backdrop. Out of wall space? Hang them above your dining table for a fun look. (via Picket Fence Arts)


7. Dessert Table Display: Turn your dessert table into an elegant setup with these swanky mint and gold printables. Buy a frame from your local art store to display this lovely Eid poster on your dessert table, coffee and tea station or pretty much any tabletop. The matching cupcake toppers, flags and table buffet cards add a nice coordinated touch. (via In My Studio)


8. Eid Mubarak Stamp: These stamps are the perfect way to spruce up just about anything. Use them on paper doilies, place cards, gift tags or Eid Mubarak cards as a lovely decorative accent. (via Eastern Toybox)


9. Eid Mubarak Serveware: How cute are these paper plates and napkins? Replace those boring white paper plates and napkins with these fun and colorful Eid Mubarak themed serveware to instantly dress up your dinner table. (viaOnce Upon A Eid)


10. Date Place Setting: Personalize your Eid table place setting with this cute and super easy idea using pitless dates, ribbon and construction paper. Switch the ribbon color to match your party’s theme. (via Hello Holy Days)

eid _flag_sticker

11. Happy Eid Flag Stickers: For a mod but fun look, consider topping off your appetizers or desserts with these charming flag stickers. Pair them with colorful straws, toothpicks or skewers to add style to any food item. (via Modern Eid)


12. Cake Bunting: Who doesn’t love cake? Add a touch of fun to your desserts with colorful bunting flags. Buy them pre-made or create your own with some washi tape and baker’s twine to match your party colors. (via Silver Envelope)


13. Eid Printables: Looking for a coordinated decor look? Make a statement with these DIY printables complete with an Eid banner, framable poster, cupcake toppers, place cards, gift tags, flag toppers and flag toppers. Just download and print! (via Little Wings Gallery)


14. Star and Crescent Shaped Food: Nothing says Eid like stars and crescents. Snag some crescent moon and star-shaped cookie cutters to add a fun shape to cookies and other baked treats. P.S. You can also use them to shape sandwiches or fruit like watermelon and cantaloupe. (via Ramadan Joy)


15. Cookie Stencils: Are you a skilled baker? Impress your friends with your baking talents using these Eid stencils to accessorize cookies, cupcakes or mini-cakes. They’ll be sure to make your baked treats even sweeter to look at. (viaSalaam Designs)


16. Tea Cup Candles: Tap into your inner creativity and make some pretty candles to light up your dining table. Use decorative tea glasses to add a fancy touch. Your guests will be sure to appreciate the candlelight dinner. (viaRamadan Joy)


17. Calligraphy Paper Runner: For a quick and easy way to dress up your food table, consider creating your own paper runner. Just grab a large sheet of paper from your local art store, cut it to your table size and decorate with calligraphy or any other Eid-themed design. Pair with flower vases and tea candles for an elegant look. (via Ramadan Joy)


18. Eid Mubarak Buttons: These Eid Mubarak buttons are just what you need to get little kids (and adults) in the Eid spirit! Awfully cute they can be pinned to shirts, backpacks and hats – the possibilities are limitless. (via Muslamb)


19. Money Envelopes: Receiving Eidi is pretty sweet but these colorful money envelopes make it sweeter. Add some flair to your money giving with these stylish envelopes. Don’t forget to include a small note to let the receiver know what they mean to you! (via Path of Light Designs)


20. Mason Jar Favors: Send your guests home with a little memento to remember the wonderful time they had. These lovely favors are super easy to create and you can fill the mason jars with dates, candy or any other goodies. (viaModern Muslim Home)


21. Gift Labels: Don’t have mason jars? Print out these lovely gift labels and attach to a gift bag or decorative box to top off your Eid gifts. (via Olive and Lavender)


22. Patterned Gift Wrap: Doesn’t this Islamic art inspired gift wrap look gorgeous? Available in three different colors, these geometric patterned gift wraps will surely spruce up any Eid gift. Don’t forget to check out the free matching gift tags. (via Ice Cream Everyday)


23. Eid Mubarak Card: Become the ultimate hostess by giving your guests Eid Mubarak cards as a thank for coming to your party. Combine it with an Eid gift, party favor or just include a thoughtful note – Eid is the perfect time to be grateful for all the wonderful friends & family that you have in your life so don’t forget to let them know that! (via Pixeled Paper Designs)


24. Colorful Stickers: Who can resist these cute Eid Mubarak stickers? Stick them on to your Eid Mubarak card envelopes or use them to dress up party favors or gift wrap. (via Silver Envelope)

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 Amna Khawar is a freelance writer with an interest in South Asian arts and culture, technology and social change. This piece was originally published on her blog. She tweets at @amnak1.

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