Swipe right for a SECOND wife

The New York Times’ Women in the World reports that there’s a new Tinder-style app to help polygamous Muslim men looking for a second wife. The app, My Diaspora, has become popular in the UK, where it is estimated there have been about 200,000 polygamous marriages.

Men can talk to up to three potential brides per day. Women are asked whether they would consider becoming someone’s second wife, if they would be willing to move to another country, convert as well as provide lifestyle details. There is even an “Add Father” feature on the app, which allows a father or brother to be a part of the conversation, so that a chaperone is there to witness the meeting in accordance with Islamic customs.

Russian inventor Arsen Kazibekov, the creator of My Diaspora, said that he launched the “service because people were messaging us with their life stories and asking us to do that. So we did. It’s a tribute to tradition.” The app styles itself as dating that is Muslim-friendly and in keeping with “Oriental traditions.”  The developers aim to help create matches that are culturally and socially compatible and to assist those immigrating from Muslim countries to adapt to new cultures while still adhering to their own traditions.

Read more about the app here.

Images from Daily Mail

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