Sabina Khan-Ibarra

Sabina Khan-Ibarra is a Muslim “Feminist” (she is still working on a definition of Feminist that fits her ideology) who advocates and demands equal rights and space for Muslim women in all scopes- leadership roles, on the stage, in the masjids, etc.   The lack of Muslim women visible was why she founded Muslimah Montage, a platform for Muslim women to tell their own stories. Sabina and her website, Muslimah Montage, have been featured on Buzzfeed, The National, The Chicago Monitor, NBC News.  She is the Member Development Chair at MuslimARC, an organization that addresses and combats intra-Muslim racism. Her time online has made her somewhat an expert in Social Media and she wrote a piece called The Case for Social Media and Hashtag Activism.


Sabina is a writer and editor with work published on BlogHer, Huffington Post, ISNA Horizons, InCulture Magazine, AltMuslimah, Love Inshallah, Patheos (AltMuslim), Brown Girl Magazines, and other outlets. She also writes for her personal blogs Iamthepoppyflower and Chronicles of Mama when inspiration hits.  She is currently working on her memoir, The Crown of my Heart, which she hopes to complete by next year (iA!) about her journey as a Pashtun American Muslim woman growing up in Northern California.


Sabina also created Ibrahimstree, a website dedicated to grieving parents after her first son Ibrahim passed away in 2011.  She hopes to help create better resources for the bereaved in Muslim communities.


Sabina works as a Human Resource consultant.  She currently resides in Northern California with her husband and two children.  She can be reached at


Sabina was recently a panelist at ISNA’s 2015 Convention, where the theme was Stories of Resilience: Strengthening the American Muslim Narrative. Sabina’s panel was on the Transformative Power of Muslim Social Web.

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