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Asma T. Uddin is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, and Co-founder of altFem Magazine and altVentures Media, Inc. She is also a lawyer and scholar specializing in American and international religious liberty. Asma is a producer of the Peabody Award finalist web series, Secret Life of Muslims. Some of Asma’s speaking engagements on behalf of altM can be found here.


Key Works:

Free Speech and Public Order Exceptions: A Case for the U.S. Standard, Brigham Young University Law Review (March 2016).

Provocative Speech in French Law: A Closer Look at Charlie Hebdo, Florida International University Law Review (December 2015).

American Muslims, American Islam, and the American Constitutional Heritage in Allen D. Hertzke, Religious Freedom in America: Constitutional Roots and Contemporary Challenges (2015).

Judge: Price Media Law Moot Court Competition Case, 2014/2015 Competition Year. Author: Official case of the 2015 International Rounds and the 2014/2015 Regional Rounds in South Asia, Asia Pacific, South-East Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, Oxford University, England (2015).

Public Order and Public Morality: Uses and Abuses of the Legal Limits on Free Speech and Religious Liberty, The Rev. of Faith & Int’l Aff. (2015).

A Legal Analysis of Ahmadi Persecution in Pakistan in David M. Kirkham, State Responses to Minority Religions (2014).

Blasphemy in a Secular Democracy: The Case of Indonesia in Christopher S. Grenda, Chris Beneke & David Nash, Sacrilegious Expression in a Multicultural Age (2014).

The UN Defamation of Religions Resolution and Domestic Blasphemy Laws in Egypt and Pakistan: Creating a Culture of Impunity, in Peter Molnar (ed.), Free Speech and Censorship Around the Globe (2014).

Intragroup Discourse on Intragroup Protections in Muslim-Majority Countries, 89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 641 (2014).

The First Amendment: Religious Freedom For All, Including Muslims, 20 Wash. & Lee J. Civil Rts. & Soc. Just. 73 (2013).

Rethinking the “Red Line”: The Intersection of Free Speech, Religious Freedom, and Social Change, U.S.-Islamic World F. Papers (2013).

Sharing Lessons on Religious Freedom: U.S. and Muslim-Majority Countries, Inst. for Soc. Pol’y & Understanding(2012).

A First Amendment Analysis of Anti-Sharia Initiatives, 10 First Amend. L. Rev. 363 (2012).

Religious Freedom Implications of Sharia Implementation in Aceh, Indonesia, 7 U. of St. Thomas L. J. 603 (2012).

Blasphemy Laws in Muslim-Majority Countries, the Rev. of Faith & Int’l Aff. 1 (2011).

The Hajj and Pluralism, The Review of Faith & International Affairs, Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 43-47 (2008).

Evolution Toward Neutrality: Evolution Disclaimers, Establishment Jurisprudence Confusions, and a Proposal of Untainted Fruits of a Poisonous Tree, 8 Rutgers J. L. & Religion 12 (2007).

In the News:

NPR: Conservatives Call For ‘Religious Freedom,’ But For Whom?

The Washington Post: Eating healthy through Ramadan

Refinery29: 4 Muslim Women Explore The Connection Between Spirituality & Style

The New Yorker: How to Take the Internet Back from ISIS

International Business Times: Amos Yee YouTube Video: Government Control At Heart Of Blogger Crackdowns Across The World

The New York Times: Senate Nears Showdown on Contraception Policy .

The Washington Post: Ramadan: Time to fast, pray and spend.

The Washington Post: Can a feminist be submissive? It’s debate-worthy say magazine founders.

Common Ground News Service: Muslim American women reclaim their narrative.


Faith & International Affairs Conference Call, Institute for Global Engagement (2015).

The Intersection of Free Speech and Religious Freedom, Council on Foreign Relations: Religion and Foreign Policy Initiative (2015).


Asma Uddin’s articles at Teen Vogue.

The Latest Attack on Islam–It’s Not a Religion, The New York Times

What Islamophobia Politicians Can Learn From Mormons, The New York Times

Playboy’s interview with a Muslim woman mocks modesty and offends women, The Washington Post.

When a Swimsuit Is a Security Threat, The New York Times.

Bill Clinton’s Dangerous Assumption, Religion News Service.

As Muslim-American parents, we’re struggling to keep our kids’ faith innocent, The Washington Post.

Religious freedom is a woman’s right, too, New Boston Post.

‘After 17 years in America, I’m scared of going back to Pakistan’, Dawn.

Muslim States and the Protection of Fundamental Rights, Library of Law and Liberty.

Substance Over Formalism, The New York Times.

No sex on campus?, The Washington Post.

It’s about religious liberty, not birth control, The Washington Post.

Muslims and Catholics vs. Banzhaf, The Washington Post.

Ramadan etiquette: A guide to your Muslim neighbor’s holy month, The Washington Post.

Click here to read more of Asma’s work on The Huffington Post.

Congressional Testimony:

Executive Overreach: The HHS Mandate versus Religious Liberty, House Judiciary Committee, February 28, 2012.

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