Weekly roundup of altM news: June 27

Scott Heins/Gothamist

With all the stories on the Internet it can be difficult to always stay in the know. To help, we’ve searched the web for interesting pieces of news, videos and tips to help you start off your week on the right foot.

1. Worship plan to maximize the last 10 days of Ramadan


Farrukh Paasha, a contributor for the Productive Muslim, has broken down the 10 remaining days of Ramadan into 10 thoughtful points to consider when creating a worship plan. Following those 10 points, Paasha outlines a possible worship plan that could be used during the final nights of Ramadan. Some of the things he suggests for consideration are working to make sure no time is wasted, showing exemplary character and trying your best to worship each of the remaining nights.

2. Hundreds of New Yorkers celebrated Ramadan outdoors at one long table


Scott Heins/Gothamist

Hundreds of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Sikh and non-believing New Yorkers gathered at a single long table in the East Village Thursday night for Iftar in the City.

“Look at this long table that you’re sitting on,” Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, told Gothamist. “I pray that we create tables like this in every corner of our country. A table that invites people to sit across from each other and say I see you, I love you, I respect you for who you are.”

The blocks long table was covered with hummus, dates, falafel, vegetable salad and chicken as over four hundred people sat to eat together.

The Iftar was organized with the hopes of strengthening the bond between New York’s Muslim community and the city’s greater population. Numerous passers-by were welcomed, though, and told to help themselves to the food, conversation and fun.

[tweetthis]Hundreds of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Sikh and non-believing New Yorkers gathered at a single long table in the East Village Thursday night for Iftar in the City.[/tweetthis]


3. This woman styles her hijab for work and it’s cool AF



Naballah Chi, a 26-year-old fashion blogger and designer is based in Trinidad and Tobago. Chi is known on Instagram for creative ways her styles of her hijab and clothing for her professional life.

“I believe dressing is power, so choosing the best way to style your hijab for the corporate world is important,” Chi told BuzzFeed. “A hijab does not stop you from achieving anything in life. At work, I feel good about what I’m wearing.”

[tweetthis]”A hijab does not stop you from achieving anything in life,” Naballah Chi, a Trinidad and Tobago based fashion blogger and designer said.[/tweetthis]

4. Faced with harsh election rhetoric, Muslims and Latinos break bread in Orange County


Rida Hamida, left, a Muslim of Palestinian descent who holds tours in Anaheim’s Little Arabia, holds Arab deserts, while Benjamin Vazquez shows off Latino desserts at Fresh Choice Marketplace in Anaheim. Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

In late spring Rida Hamida, Muslim and of Palestinian descent, led about 30 Latinos on a tour of Anaheim’s Little Arabia. On the tour they cracked jokes, sipped Arabic coffee from tiny cups, talked about hookah bars and broke bread over the two groups’ cultural similarities and differences.

The gathering was an effort led by local Muslims to establish a connection with another, much larger, local group that also often find itself thrust into the political discussion.

“These are dark days for our community,” Hamida told the Los Angeles Times. “Trump is rising while we’re being demonized. Muslims are told they can’t enter the country. Latinos are accused of being criminals. But if we come together for a movement, we can stay strong.”

[tweetthis]In Orange County, CA Muslims and Latinos are coming together to break bread in response to harsh election rhetoric.[/tweetthis]


5. Meet the awesome Muslim migrant saving the world one meal at a time



Azem Elmaz, owner of Lutfiyes Shish Kebab in Shepparton, Victoria moved to Australia from Macedonia 33 years ago with only $2.40 in his pocket. He opened the cafe in 1989 although he had no business experience and no cooking experience except for what he had learned from his mother.

Even during the cafe’s early days Elmaz has opened its doors to Shepparton’s vulnerable and homeless. He says it all started when a person couldn’t afford to pay for a meal. He realized that when they said they didn’t have the money and continued to say it, he and his family had to make a decision about whether or not to continue giving them food.

“The kids said, ‘dad, you treat them the way you want to treat them.’ And that’s what we did,” Elmaz told BuzzFeed.

His charity, People Supporting People, now feeds up to 120 people each night. During the summer, if bushfires or floods hit anywhere in Victoria, Azem locks up shop, starts up his mobile kitchen and heads straight to wherever disaster has hit.

“The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, ‘do charity. Help as much as you can. But be wary of it. When people start respecting you, then you might forget who you’re doing it for. You’ll be proud of yourself, then you forget you’re doing it for almighty God. Not for yourself,'” Elmaz said. “Whether you’re Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, atheist, whatever, we’re all on this Earth together!”

[tweetthis]Azem Elmaz, inspired by the Prophet Muhammad’s call for charity, uses his group People Supporting People to feed Shepparton’s vulnerable and homeless.[/tweetthis]



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This list was curated by Kaitlin Montgomery, altM News Editor

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