Final Debate: Trump Claims the Election Already Rigged

The last debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is finally over.  It had fewer wild moments than previous debates, with both Clinton and Trump appearing subdued.

Here are some of the highlights, as captured in Twitter:

GUNS – Trump insisted Clinton wanted to take away all the guns, and proudly noted his NRA endorsement. 

ABORTION – Trump promoted yet another of his multiple positions on abortion.  

IMMIGRATION – Trump touted his “Great Wall”, and noted (falsely) that ICE, a federal agency, had endorsed him. 

BIGLY – Trump used the word “bigly” multiple times. 

PUPPET – The candidates sparred over who was Putin’s puppet. 

ECONOMY – Trump noted (yet again) that he didn’t pay taxes and it was Clinton’s fault, because she was responsible for all the laws of the land.  Clinton responded that undocumented immigrants pay more taxes than Trump.  Trump responded by calling her a “nasty woman.”

GROPING – Yet again the debate veered into the accusations of sexual assault, against Trump and Bill Clinton.  Trump tried to change the subject.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST – The candidates sparred over potential conflicts of interest created by the Clinton Foundation, with Clinton getting in some zingers about Trump’s own charitable foundation. 

RIGGING OF ELECTION – Trump made it clear that he would consider not conceding the election, leading to one of the most shocking moments of the night.  

MUSLIMS AND RADICAL ISLAM – Clinton again noted the connection between the American Muslim community and countering violent extremism, leading to disappointment by many commentators.  Trump, as usual, made wild and false claims about Syrian refugees.

TRUMP PRAISES ASSAD:  Trump praised the murderous Syrian dictator Assad, calling him smarter than the sitting President of the United States.

CONCLUDING STATEMENTS:  Trump once again discussed “the African Americans” only within the context of guns, poverty, and inner cities.

CHRIS WALLACE PERFORMANCE:  Wallace performed strongly in his role as moderator, leading many to conclude that he was the best moderator of all the debates.

IT’S OVER!  The last debate ended with probably all of American heaving a sigh of relief.  Nothing left now but to cast your votes!

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