Episode 14: Just Muslim?

Is it possible to be “just Muslim?” In Episode 14, Sarrah AbuLughod and Shereen Yousuf reflect on Shia erasure and being invisible minorities in the American Muslim community.


  • Sarrah AbuLughod, @SarrahABL, is the Community Engagement Manager at The Family and Youth Institute and a graduate student of Islamic Studies, Christian Muslim Relations, and Islamic Chaplaincy at Hartford Seminary.
  • Shereen Yousuf, @ShereenYousuf, is a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture Program. She has been a community organizer within the Shia community and is deeply interested in how Muslims are negotiating their sense of belonging within American Muslim communities.

Episode Details:

  • (1:10) Sarrah recalls the first time she was labelled as a Shia Muslim.
  • (4:00) Ikhlas and Makkah reflect on when they learned about the many ways that Islam is practiced throughout the world.
  • (12:40) We discuss what we learned about #TeamMuslim from Mahershala Ali’s Oscar Win.
  • (18:13) Makkah asks her friend Sarrah to break down the different experiences that Shia and Sunni Muslims have in America and gets a little advice on how to frame (and not to frame) this episode.
  • (27:54) A chat with Shereen about the big and small ways that Shia erasure occurs within our communities and what we can do about it.

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