Episode 16: Muslims in the Media (ft. Malika Bilal and Noreen Nasir)

Nowadays everybody wanna talk about “Muslims” and “the Media,” but what about Muslims in the media? Pop-culture enthusiast Tawfiq Farraj talks to us about the representation of Muslims in TV and film and journalists Malika Bilal and Noreen Nasir join us to chat about how they balance the responsibilities of their profession with the pressures of being Muslim in the public eye.

Tawfiq Farraj is a pop culture enthusiast, Chicago native, and founder of the Facebook group “Gilmore Girls Should Be On Netflix” and “Bob Dylan Should Win the Nobel Prize,” two things that happened in 2016.

Malika Bilal, @mmbilal, is co-host of Al Jazeera English’s “The Stream.”

Noreen Nasir, @noreensnasir, is a video producer at the Associated Press.

Episode Details:
(00:01:07) We talk about Essence’s “Woke 100 Women” and the absence of Black Muslim women.
(00:06:40) We give a HUGE shoutout to our wonderful listeners who helped us surpass 10,000 downloads!
(00:21:08) We make a prayer for Lindsay Lohan, Janet Jackson and all of the other famous maybe-Muslims.
(00:25:29) Tawfiq ranks his Top 5 Muslims in Pop Culture.
(00:31:07) We interview Malika and Noreen about what it’s like being a Muslim in the media right now.
(01:03:00) Malika and Noreen offer advice to your little cousin who wants to be a journalist one day.
(01:09:00) We share our Top 5 Muslims in Pop Culture!

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