Muslim-American Women More Fearful, Anti-Trump Than Muslim-American Men

Muslim-American women are more afraid, less assimilated, and dislike President Donald Trump’s policies more than Muslim-American men, in large part because they are more easily identified as Muslim, according to a recent Pew Research Center study.

Experts who consulted on the Pew study said that the appearance of Muslim women in the U.S. — 50 percent of whom are distinctive in their dress — factors into the differing opinions. Zareena Grewal, associate professor of American and religious studies at Yale University, said this makes Muslim women more likely to be the objects of “societal discrimination.”

“The report rightfully focuses on the sense of being under attack that exists within the American Muslim community,” said Ihsan Bagby, associate professor of Islamic studies at the University of Kentucky. “Muslims have never had such a high sense of danger as they do now.”

Three of four American Muslims believe they are discriminated against and 50 percent believe it has become hard to be Muslim in the U.S. But the response to Islamophobia is more extreme in women than in Muslim-American men.

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  • TruthSeeker says:

    Oh boy, I can’t wait for the kuffr trolls to show up and lecture to us “mudslimes” how this is a good thing and that we should just let them steamroll over our ummah and slaughter us.

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