3 Ways to Help Women Around the World

With young women more likely to be unemployed than young men, women more likely to experience the most severe forms of spousal violence than men and the likelihood of women being more food insecure than men increasing, according to the United Nations, it’s no secret that females everywhere require some support. So what can you do to help? Whether you have extra funds to donate or just some extra time, there are many ways you can contribute and ensure that women’s lives around the world are improved.

1. Donate to Valuable Causes

Extra funds can go a long way in helping bring education, clean water, shelter, food and medical care to many women. Whether you can afford a lump sum donation or prefer to contribute a small monthly amount to a humanitarian organization for women, donations are a meaningful method of helping others around the world. Before writing a check, make sure you do your research — there are numerous foundations that cater to very specific needs and deficiencies in various parts of the world. It’s also a great idea to be aware of worldly events so you can contribute your money at the right time — the recent storms in Puerto Rico for example would have seen a sharp increase in demand for support funds.

2. Hand In Your Un-Used Items

Most people have items in their house they no longer use, or clothes and shoes that their family either grew out of or got sick of. Instead of throwing them in the trash, why not donate them? As long as the items are still functioning or wearable, giving away your used items has greater impact than you might think; many homeless women and children are forced to sleep in the cold and an extra sweater could mean the difference between a good night’s rest and getting pneumonia. You can also hand in your old phones to shelters in your local area so that women in the community are able to have a means to communicate and contact people in cases of emergency. Try including a prepaid service already attached to so that it’s ready for use in case of a desperate situation.

3. Get Involved in Efforts

Did you know that millions of women and girls around the world miss school because they have to spend several hours a day fetching water for their family? To support clean water initiatives and women’s education, World Vision puts on running events like marathons and triathalons, to facilitate fundraising and a sense of community. Look into events into different charity events in your area and find something that resonates with you. Being involved in a event not only shows dedication, but is a great way to get involved in your community while raising money for women globally.

No matter what field you’re interested in contributing to, there are many initiatives you can get behind and activities you can do to help with women’s issues around the world. Try looking through these tips and start being proactive about showing your support.

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