Why All Muslim Families Should Practice Emergency Preparation

Every family should be prepared for emergencies, but in today’s socio-political climate it’s especially important for Muslims to take emergency preparation seriously. The need to be prepared is greater in areas where the chances of turmoil are higher, but disaster can strike in any country or neighborhood, so there’s no excuse to stay unprepared. Natural disasters, acts of war or terrorism, and even hate crimes can affect anyone at any time. Here are a few reasons why Muslims families should take steps to safeguard themselves from economic and social uncertainty in these times.

The Parental Duty to Protect

Mothers and fathers have a duty to protect their children from any mishaps and dangers that may come along, and a huge part of providing that protection lies in emergency preparation. The Quran clearly states that our offspring are gifts from Allah and should be cherished and appreciated. Even if you don’t know where to start, it’s easy for families to get involved with the topic simply browsing blogs like Mom with Prep to read about different ways you can make your home and community more disaster proof.

The Possibility of Post-Disaster Discrimination

If a disaster ever does happen and your family isn’t as prepared as they should have been, you might find yourself relying on others for help. The problem is, during a time of civil unrest there may be a degree of lawlessness that will give bigots the confidence to practice racism, commit hate crimes, or simply deny aid to families that don’t fit within their world view. By having your own supplies on-hand you won’t have to take the risk of taking your family out into an unstable society in search of sustenance. With everything you need at home, there will be no need to expose your children to events that could traumatize them, or worse.

Fear and Hate are More Common in Time of Distress

If a disaster does occur, there’s always a percentage of the population that will fall into fear and desperation.  With negative emotions like anger and hate running rampant, you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you have to bring your kids out into a dangerous environment like that in order to procure provisions. With a well-rounded backup food supply and emergency plan, you can take the safer approach of staying home and waiting it out until order is restored. Ideally, you should strive to have at least 1-3 months’ worth of emergency food supplies, even though in most cases you probably wouldn’t need to use more than 1-2 weeks’ worth.

Prepping to Ensure Cultural Continuity in a Cataclysm

Imagine an apocalyptic scenario in which the world population is greatly decreased and there are only a few thousand or maybe even a few hundred people remaining in each culture. In such a scenario, you could have entire aspects of society vanishing. Of course, Islam will remain but with fewer people on the planet it would be ideal for the majority of Muslim families to be prepared for the task of rebuilding and repopulating.


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