Rashida Tlaib: ‘I am not the only one that is this angry and this upset’

Rep. Rashida Tlaib said Tuesday that her expletive-laden call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment might have been a “distraction” but that it was a sentiment nonetheless shared around the country.

“I am not the only one that is this angry and this upset,” the Michigan Democrat said on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.” “And as a person — again a woman of color — as a person that is newly elected here, the first thing I have to vote on, and I did, was to get the government back up and running.”

Last week, the freshman congresswoman said, “We’re gonna impeach the motherf****r,” and as the remark picked up steam online, fellow members of Congress, many in the media and Trump himself criticized the language.

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  • Susette says:

    I love that this Muslim woman used an expletive publicly! It makes her relatable to those of us living in America and sharing her sentiment.

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