Top 5 free Islamic apps for planning a productive Ramadan

This Ramadan, my top most resolution is to have a more efficient month of reflection, self-restraint, charity, learning and spiritual renewal. I frequently struggle to keep up with life and maximize my time in doing so. Over the years I’ve come across apps and resources that help me keep track of my spiritual goals. Here is a list of my top picks.

Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is listed as the most popular Muslim app in the world on Google Play store. The free version is very comprehensive and has everything you need to be a “Productive Muslim”. No need to download multiple apps for prayer times, Quran, tasbeeh, dua’as, Qibla locator and nearby mosques and restaurants.  

The app also has a personal tracker you can use to log your prayers and fasts.

The premium version is ad-free, includes multiples voices for Adhan and Quran and allows for the Quran to be downloaded and listened to offline.



Feeling Blessed

Giving to charity is an act of worship. The opportunity for which is often missed because of logistical reasons. While most of us are aware of our Zakat obligation and fulfil it in Ramadan to reap the highest reward, we are not as cognizant of charitable giving over and above what is obligated.

If you want to make charitable giving a regular habit in Ramadan and beyond, download the free Feeling Blessed app. Choose from hundreds of charities to give sadaqah for relief efforts, water wells, education, health, mosque construction or zakat. Feeling Blessed is trusted by some of the world’s leading charities and Islamic organizations including Islamic Relief USA, CAIR, Edhi Foundation, Penny Appeal USA, Yaqeen Institute, and many others.

Multiply your rewards in Ramadan and keep the habit by giving consistently throughout the year. Your blessings are shared instantly with someone in your community or around the globe.

Recurring Donations: Set up a monthly, weekly or bi-weekly donation. You can set a start date in the future and end it at any time from the app. No having to make awkward calls to the organization to stop your donations.

Sadaqa-e-Jaria: You can make donations in the name of a parent, grandparent, sibling, spouse or any other loved one.

History: The app will show you a lifetime usage history of all your giving. You can filter it by the type or frequency of donation or by organization. At the end of the tax year a summary of your donations is emailed to you or you can generate one from the app any time. This is especially useful if you file taxes in North America because all the charities listed on the app are tax-deductible.

The best part is, there is NO PLATFORM FEE! 100% of your donation goes to the organization you choose.



Ramadan Legacy

The Ramadan Legacy app allows you to plan and log your spiritual journey for the month. In addition to useful tools like prayer times and a qibla locator it gamifies the experience by rewarding you when you meet your goals.

Planner & Tracker: The interactive planner allows you to mark and track your number of days fasted, prayers observed, tarwaeeh and daily deeds. Having a tracker show you your progress can be very motivating.

Knowledge Hub: There are various cards with verses and dua’as you can recite during the month. It also answers basic questions about fasting, gives tips on nutrition and fitness and even has a section for sisters.



Never Miss Fajr

It’s no secret, waking for Fajr can be a challenge for a lot of people on most days. The Never Miss Fajr app will give you a mental or physical workout every morning and make sure you’re up and ready to pray. You choose from two “triggers” which you need to respond to for the Adhan to stop.

Trivia: You must answer five Islam related questions correctly before the Adhan stops. The questions are not very easy and really make you think so your brain is fully awake by the time you get them all right.

Shake to wake: Shake your phone to make the Adhan stop. You must do it at least 20 times. If you’re a real sloth, you could set it to a 100.



Hisnul Muslim

For the recitation of du’as and azkar this Ramadan, the Hisnul Muslim app is an excellent choice. It supports English, French, Urdu, and Roman Urdu and consists of authentic du’as, supplications, and remembrance from the Quran and Sunnah. It also has an extra reading section with the 99 Names of Allah.



Leena Moiz is the Executive Director of Client Relations at Feeling Blessed – a free-to-use app for donors (and organizations) designed to make Muslims better givers. You can learn more, download the app, or add your organization to the list at

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  • Samir says:

    I tried Muslim Pro and for me it’s really inappropriate, especially when you have some **** ads on the app. I prefer Bilal Muezzine or Athan based on free and compliant applications.

  • Markhor says:

    Ramadan Habit Tracker would make be a nice addition to your blog post as well.

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