This Ramadan, UNHCR can help vulnerable refugees

Ramadan decorations are up, new clothes for prayer hang in closets, and menus for family gatherings await deployment at iftars. As Ramadan approaches, Muslims of all nations are preparing for its annual observance. Throughout this scared time of fasting and spiritual introspection, the faithful share a heightened observance of the practices…

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A dangerous argument

Increasingly, I find myself unable to follow each ebb and flow of the news cycle.  It feels redundant and it creates despair.  But I feel a responsibility, personally and professionally to both know what’s going on.   It helps if I think in themes instead of occurrences:  If I can be conscious that white supremacy…

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Author Farah Pandith on how to win the war against the bad guys

Farah Pandith served as the first-ever Special Representative to Muslim Communities, appointed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2009. In this role, she created Generation Change, which gathered young “change makers” together to work on issues such as violent extremism; Viral Peace, an online counter-extremism initiative; and Hours Against Hate, a…

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