When Islam Is Not a Religion

When Christianity is not a religion

In May 2010, the Regional Planning Commission of Rutherford County in Tennessee approved a request for the construction of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro (ICM). It was a straightforward request that, legally speaking, should have garnered no controversy. But in a post-9/11 context, and in light of the heated and…

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If Islam isn’t a religion, then neither is White evangelical Christianity

As a theologically conservative evangelical Christian who attends a predominantly White church, it is mind boggling to me that some in our communitywould contend that Islam is not a religion, but a political ideology undeserving of religious freedom. If there is anything that the White evangelical community should be learning during…

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A dangerous argument

Increasingly, I find myself unable to follow each ebb and flow of the news cycle.  It feels redundant and it creates despair.  But I feel a responsibility, personally and professionally to both know what’s going on.   It helps if I think in themes instead of occurrences:  If I can be conscious that white supremacy…

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