Aisa halal cosmetics: cruelty free and fabulous

altM recently talked with Azrin Isa, the founder of a fabulous halal cosmetics line, Aisa Cosmetics. Check out her story below! 1. What is Aisa Cosmetics and how is it unique among other cosmetic brands? Aisa Cosmetics is a halal cosmetic line. We pride ourselves on using only high-quality natural…

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Trendy hijabi evening wear

Like most other women out there, we absolutely love dressing up for a big night out – and staying chic and modest while we do it! Whether you’re getting ready for a special celebration, a formal event or the party of the year, we’ve got some great tips for you…

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Fashion, feminism, and futility

In her book Fresh Lipstick: Redressing Fashion and Feminism, Linda Scott writes “the ability to control what is fashionable is the power women wield over each other”. In this sense, a fashion week, with designers, buyers, watchers, tweeters, bloggers, models, photographers and telecasters, promotes a certain notion of women’s place…

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